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22nd February 2011 - and the 'Kali' card

Kali, goddess from the Hindu mytholody: Her erratic life represents the breakdown of ego identities in order to free souls for enlightened beginnings. Those who fear her may not comprehend the nature of her intentions or her methods of initiating change.
"The old must go, for new to come in"

  When I returned from my 6 o'clock swim and was ready to begin the second day of our training course in Kaiapoi, just as I was heading out I felt that I needed some guidance. So I opened one of the boxes of 'cards', they felt so powerful, meaningful in my hands and I lay out just one card:
Kali - for the new to come in, the old must go!
Wow, I thought and then asked:  maybe this relates to this very new concept of body - mind diagnostic that we were teaching?
When I drove to our venue I recalled myself saying that 'hindsight will let us know, why the other parts of our event (which we had named BLiSS) didn't take place, noticed how my energy shifted and asked my training partner whether I could begin the morning with a small meditation.
I am still new to presenting and training, so I observed with curiosity how the words that followed came with intent, from my heart and free from any 'personal drama': In a couple of minutes the participants and myself connected to the very centre of the earth and all there is underneath us, right up through our crown chakra to all there is above, and while so connected to mother earth and father sun and the universe and beyond noticing the learning that could be kept in the intelligent mind and also becoming aware other learning that can be felt in our hearts, and from there, from our hearts, radiating this out into the space around us, further and further, across lands, countries, continents, universes ... and returning into our 'earthly bodies' with a sense of gratitude.

A second 'wow' this morning; 'where had this information just come from? Especially since mid way the music that I had played along the meditation had stopped - still it all felt just the way it had to be.

Only a few hours later, in midst a practical demonstration we experienced the room shaking, first asked everyone to stay calm and then the voice of my training partner: 'under the tables, now!' 12: 51, a 6.3 earthquake had struck and we were to find out that it had caused unspeakable devastation in the city of Christchurch; where we were in Kaiapoi it had further toppled buildings that had been heavily damaged in the 7.4 earthquake on 4th September 2010.

Walking our talk, we made everyone jump, shake, wave their arms, chuckle - to get rid of any trauma that people may have had; the next few aftershocks took us out of the building, definitely evacuating now and we learned that the upstairs room's ceiling had collapsed in parts.

The rest of the day was spent in shock and disbelief about the incoming pictures on TV, while only a few cellphones allow us to get in touch with our nearest and dearest.

It wasn't until more than 24 hours later that I had this sudden realisation, while listening to people talk about quakes, the devastation and generally 'what was the world coming to' ?

There had been a lot of talk about 2012, movies had been made, predictions were shared, conspiracy artists had basked in a sea of grandiose ideas, within shortest of time the 'heart-opening' of some people had regressed into an 'ego' centred smallness and there I thought:

Our children, the children of this world, each and every single one of them: What really is the future vision that our children have of this world? Had we adults managed to close the chapter for them by 2012, had they bought into all this, or had they not heard of any predictions and - most importantly - were they emotionally re-active to any of this?

I am as new to this kind of writing as I am to larger presentations or trainings so - to quote a much admired trainer of mine - I am going to be allowed to get it totally wrong, the first time. Phew

In this blog I hope to create a place that completely eliminates 'fear' in this world amongst our children, and instead creates a net or field of 'trust, compassion and love'.
I believe that if all the world's children become 'one' in this, we will generate enough positive shift in our consciousness to allow the next phase in human evolution to begin - and the sun to shine.

All comments are allowed, all languages, all spellings, grammar or not grammar: this is to create for you what you want to see in your life, on your planet. Please be respectful of others, there is no right or wrong in this, all will be heard and all have a say. Let's co-create and weave this 'illusion' that we call 'life' into what it is that you actually want.

Now that my first big hurdle is overcome, actually the first real big one was to create the blog and set the intention - anyway, it feels very light and positive and I look forward to sharing my next thoughts on here and even more so, reading yours.

Love and light, Barbara

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